UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018 Notification is out!

Here is the update you were waiting for! UPSC has released the notification for Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2018 and Indian Forestry Services Preliminary Exam 2018 (combined exam). You can download the same from links below.

The notification contains the UPSC CSE syllabus, exam pattern, medical requirement and so on.
Important: Candidates are required to apply online by using the website

Age Limit

Fearmongers were spreading many rumours and lies about the implementation Baswan Committee Report, taking away precious time from aspirants preparation. Now there is official communication – no changes have been brought this year.

Age Limit for General Category Candidates is 32 Years (No Change).

For General Category candidates DOB should not be earlier than 2nd Aug 1986.

Whether there will be an optional paper for Mains 2018?

Yes, there is.

There is no change in the UPSC CSE Main Exam format – 4 GS Papers, 1 Essay Paper and 2 Optional Papers from one optional subject.

UPSC Examination Calendar 2018

  • Date of Notification for Civil Service Prelims and Indian Forest Service Prelims: February 07, 2018
  • Last date to apply for Civil Service Prelims and Indian Forest Service Prelims: March 06, 2018
  • Date of UPSC CSE Prelims 2018 and IFS Prelims 2018: June 03, 2018
  • Date of UPSC CSE Mains 2018: The main exam is likely to be held in September (earlier the tentative date was declared as October 01, 2018)
  • Date of UPSC IFS Mains 2018: The main exam is likely to be held in December (earlier the tentative date was declared as December 02, 2018)

782 Vacancies for CSE; 110 Vacancies for IFoS

The number of vacancies to be filled on the result of the UPSC CSE 2018 is expected to be approximately 782.

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This reported number is about 200 vacancies less than the number of reported vacancies in 2017. However, vacancies can increase, once additional data becomes available in the coming months.

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